Marketing’s New Order

Business and non-profit marketing and communications, today, involve well-told stories, relevant to the reader/listener/viewer. They engage, build trust and loyalty, and a desire for more.

Are your marketing and communications efforts broken? Have your tried-and-true best practices from even a decade ago fallen flat in today’s connected world? Have you dabbled in social media or online video, but haven’t really nailed it? We should talk. We’ll partner with you on your communications—turnkey or buffet style; for profit or non-profit. We have decades of successes, ever refining and redefining best practices.

Is this your goal?

Get my message out as far and wide and quickly as possible.

How about this more achievable, more useful goal:

Find common ground to connect with those who would most benefit from my message. And do it so compellingly that transactions stem from inquiries, rather than from old-school sales approaches.

How so?

You likely have many markets, and should identify, prioritize, and communicate relevantly to each.

Possible sub-markets to consider.
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Questions to help refine your message:

  • What are all the sub-markets you serve?
  • Do you know enough about each sub-market to articulate the fundamental benefits you provide them?
  • Can we cluster some sub-markets who share needs or desires?

We help you think through such questions. Then, when answers are clear, we help you:

  • Articulate messages about your offering in terms that are directly relevant to your prospect groups
  • Identity the channels your various market groups use and trust to convey your message
  • Create verbal, written, graphic, photographic, and video messages

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