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ACM Initiatives Home Building Marketing Project Examples

Facebook ads, video, book publishing, photography, interactive touch screen design

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Home Building

HomeSource Builders and HomeSource Design Center

Asheville, NC

Interactive Touch-Screen Display

Facebook Video Ads

This video introduces viewers to the 46" touch-screen, interactive display in the design center invites customer interaction and provides reference to capabilities and online resources.

We designed and produced the entire database-driven interactive experience with nearly 500 images, wrote the copy, created the photos, procured and installed the touch-screen monitor and computer equipment in the HomeSource Design Center.

Revisions to the interactive experience can be made and uploaded remotely, reducing on-site maintenance of the system.

A Facebook ad campaign, comprising weekly “Projects in a Minute” videos, targeted to the client’s specific demographic, website visits have risen by 50%, year-over-year, on a budget of just $25 per week.

Videos alternate weekly between “New Homes in a Minute” and “Renovations in a Minute.” We upload complete subtitles files along with each video to maximize engagement on mobile devices where audio is often muted.

Gallery Book


This coffee-table-size, hard-cover book is given to select prospects and local architects. We limited the first print run to 30 copies. As future homes are completed and photographed, we’ll update it with new pages that feature the latest projects.

We designed the book, cover-to-cover, wrote all the copy, and managed the procurement process, end-to-end.

Download the Gallery Book (PDF) >

We produced a testimonial video, as well as walkthrough tours of each home and remodeling project we photographed, plus work-in-progress videos on select projects, and the testimonial video.

We also produced the introductory video that loops on the interactive display in the HomeSource Design Center.

Architectural Photography

These photographs are used on the client’s websites, in the interactive display, for canvas printed wall photos, and in the gallery book.

We have photographed close to 50 custom homes and remodeling projects. They are used on the client’s website, interactive touchscreen display, hardcover book, pages, mounted color prints displayed in their Design Center, and on social media.

Portrait Photography

We set up the professionally lit photo shoot for the 16 staff members at the client’s office during business hours. Total time on site, including setup and take-down, was about 90 minutes.We replaced the original background with a consistent wood look. The portraits are shown on the client’s websites, interactive touchscreen, and print materials.

Mountain Living Construction

Asheville, NC

Website Design and Photography

Town Square Project Proposal

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We designed the site, created the wireframe website map, produced the photography and graphics, wrote the copy, and built the site.

Client website >

We collected and enhanced old photos of previous work, wrote most of the copy, based on client input, designed the layout, and created this 32-page proposal.