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ACM Initiatives Services & Publishing Marketing Project Examples

Website development, branding, video creation, and print design examples

Website Design

Graphic Design

We created the wireframe website map, created all the photography and graphics, wrote all the copy, and built the site.

Client website >

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We designed the logo, various forms, promotional items, etc.

Customer Mind Code Book

Dallas, TX

Website Design


A multi-page website, with landing pages and a pop-on reminder to sign up for the newsletter.

Client website >

We created a pre-publish-date teaser video, as well as this home page video, and 7 deep-dive videos.

Big Alaska Show

Anchorage, AK

Website Design


This site is under development. These hour-long live radio show is broadcast weekly rom Anchorage, and are simulcast online by the local radio station. The topic appeals to tourists from across the United States. Audio files of many past shows and other features are archived on the site.

Centron Security

Houston, TX

Video Creation

In this series, we collaborated with a videographer in Dallas to get the raw footage of the owner, created a storyboards and all graphics, as well as the finished videos.

Personal Friend

Lansing, MI

Video Photo Review

We cataloged, retouched, straightened, color corrected, and added captions to more than 200 photos. Combined with favorite music, the final video celebrated a life of memories for the family.