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5 Tips to Strike Marketing Gold with Landing Pages

Before you post on social media, create a new video, run a Google Ad, or blast an email to your list, define your purpose. And bundle it with a landing page to drive conversions. Make your post more than a mere company slogan, or feel-good quote. Promise to solve a problem or serve a need, and you’ll find more people clicking to learn more. But, be careful: don’t send them onto your general overview home  page. Instead, take them to a focused landing page on your site, solely designed to deliver on that original promise, and guide them to the next steps.

Hi, I’m Perry Alexander, and today, we’re going to get down to the purpose, value, and details of how to build a landing page that delivers. And, using landing pages is just as important for non-profits.

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But first, have you had success using landing pages? If so, leave a comment that says “Yes.” But, if not, leave a comment that says “No,” and let me know what’s holding your back, so I can make future videos that address your needs.

Tip 1

Your initial contact—that is your post, video, ad, or email—AND your landing page must be a message-matched pair of elements. The original post, video, ad, or email is an invitation to consider your proposition. Will people find it relevant and trustworthy enough for further consideration? If so, include an obvious call-to-action (or CTA)—a clickable button that links to your landing page, which expands on and reinforces that initial message. The narrow purpose of the landing page is to further inform and compel the next step, which may be leaving their email address for something of value, filling out your contact form, or acting on their decision to move to a free trial or purchase of your product or service.

Tip 2

When considering what to post, what problem or pain point will you address? Does your audience understand how it’s impacted by various other forces? Should you set the table with a few basics? Have you shown that you really get their pain or frustration, before jumping to an answer? How far and how fast should you get into the weeds to explain nuances and build trust in your authority?

Tip 3

Use landing page best practices, like those listed in this blog post. See the link below. A few selected ones:

  • Ensure a consistent experience between your post, video, ad, or email and your landing page.

  • Repeat headlines and major concepts from your post to your landing page.

  • Make your first post and your landing page appear graphically related.

  • Keep the landing page simple and clutter free. Stick with a powerful, direct-to-the-point headline, simple bullet points, with the call-to-action button as high on the page as possible, once you’ve made your point.

  • Get rid of your normal website navigation bar on the landing page, to minimize distraction from the path you want them to stay on.

  • Display your phone number prominently, should they just want to call you.

  • Include social proof, if you have it—a testimonial or two, or how many others have already done what you’re asking them to do.

  • Don’t overstate or exaggerate your case. Be realistic and ditch the superlatives.

  • If your landing page turns out to be a corresponding page in your blog,  incorporate landing page best practices into that blog post.

Tip 4

Make your call-to-action (CTA) specific. Go beyond simply, “Submit,” “Go,” or “Subscribe.” Tell them what will happen if they click, such as “Get Your Free Trial,” “Download Your Free Ebook,” or “Schedule Your Free Consultation.” And if you have a lot to explain on the landing page, repeat your call-to-action button every few paragraphs as they move down the page.

Tip 5

To increase landing page conversion rates by as much as 80%, include a video. Also include a thumbnail of the video in your first message, along with the word “video” in the headline or subject line. I’ve posted links to videos I’ve previously made about using and formatting videos.

For several great landing page examples, along with commentary about what makes them effective, check out the Hubspot post in the links below.

It’s a Start

There’s lots more to honing your landing page into a well-oiled conversion machine, but this is a solid start. Know your purpose before creating each social media post, new video, Google ad, or email blast, and then drive home conversions with smart landing pages.

If the idea of following up your posts with landing pages feels right, but also feels like a tall order without a little help, it’s one of the many services I provide for my clients. Check out my digital marketing website and let’s talk about how we might work together to improve your conversions through landing pages.

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