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How to Put New Life Into Your Old Website

Has your old website pretty much stalled out to where you’re getting no leads, no conversions, no nothing? That’s costing you lost opportunity for sales or, if you’re a non-profit, online donations that are about down to a trickle. Let’s look at how to fix all that, bringing your online efforts back from the dead, and start delivering the results you expect.

Hi, I’m Perry Alexander, and today, we’re going to see how to go about resetting your entire digital marketing presence—including your website.

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Of course, your website is the anchor of your online marketing. But, standing alone, with no supporting cast, your website just won’t deliver much. With all the other online noise, “build it and they will come” is really just a pipe dream. You have to have an array of tools to intentionally drive leads to your website and convert them.

First, Your Website

But, one thing at a time. Let’s start with just your website. You can spend your time mastering an online website building tool like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or even Wordpress, if you’re brave. Think about it: can you afford to invest your limited number of hours figuring out how to build your new website, just this one time? Or would you be better off sticking to what you do well—running your business, and get some expert help to build the site for you?

The Supporting Cast

As we’ve learned, though, your website is only the beginning. How do you set up and keep up with all those lead generation tools? The supporting cast includes social media posts, creating regular blog posts, moderating comments, videos, back links, exit pop-ups, calls-to-action, and email confirmations and promotions all along the way.

There are really two parts to this supporting cast. First, of course, you have to keep feeding the beast new content. Let up for any length of time, and your momentum is lost. Second, the whole system has to be designed and set up for efficiency and optimization. The more automation and planning you put into it, the less time you’ll spend deploying new content, and the more apt you are to actually keep up with it. But again, is all this planning and set-up really what you can afford to focus your time on? Outside help might be worth considering, just as it was for creating your new website.

It’s a bit like walking into a woodshop, equipped with a full complement of tools, plus a book of instructions and no experience, and it’s your job to build a new desk. How long would that take, and how do you suppose it would it turn out? Or, pay a master woodworker to build it, and you know it’ll be done right and done well—and you didn’t have to invest a load of your own time learning the tools and making costly mistakes along the way for that one desk. Same thing applies to building your new website and all the supporting pieces and parts.

Find an expert who can design and create all the elements, customized to your needs, and who will teach a go-to person on your staff (or you!) how to keep it fed with fresh content. And if, down the line, you sometimes get overwhelmed or need to tweak something along the way, your expert can jump back in with some quick, effective help, and you carry on with your business.

Maybe I Can Help

So, if you’re thinking that creating your new website, plus all the supporting elements might best be handled by an expert, that’s what I do.

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