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Marketing Basics In a Minute

Ever wonder why your website, Facebook page, and  other social media aren’t pulling their weight?

To really move the needle, you need the whole package, including regularly refreshed website content, a home page welcome video, backlinks from other sites, site optimization, regular blog posts that automatically send teasers to your social media, videos that do more informing than selling, a YouTube channel, Facebook ads deployed across the web—targeted just to your core audience, other social media, solid Google local search presence, exit recapture pop-ups, email campaigns, testing, tweaking, tracking, and retargeting.

Most of these require little or no cost from the providers, but have to be set up, the content created, and all of it coordinated, maintained, and refined to really work hard for you.

Whether your goal is lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, more traffic, conversions, or e-commerce, your marketing tactics need to reinforce each other, so you stand out, improve your search ranking, collect email addresses, and do more business.