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Journal Entries

Building our new home: from finding the location, creating the design, choosing the builder, to the building process. This journal chronicles our process, from end to end.

How We Chose Our Construction Lender

After seriously considering four lenders, we found, by far, the easiest process, the lowest interest rates, and fastest turnaround to be with the State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina.

Ah, but we’re not state employees, you say? Our favorite mortgage broker in town, Bill Baggett, referred us to SECU, and explained how to become a member without being a state employee.

At least in the Asheville area, you visit any public library and contribute $15 to "The Friends of the Library." Take the receipt into the SECU office, and you can open a credit union account. Simple.

Compared with other lenders, the stack of documents we had to produce was much smaller, the underwriting approval process much quicker, and the whole process was a relative breeze. Competitive rates, and they will even quote ona 90% loan-to-value, with no upcahrges or penalties for a "jumbo" loan amount.

We worked with Jon Robinson, at the Asheville-Biltmore office, on All Souls Crescent in Biltmore Village.: 828-274-4200.