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Journal Entries

Building our new home: from finding the location, creating the design, choosing the builder, to the building process. This journal chronicles our process, from end to end.

Geothermal Well Drilling and More

We’re now at the stage where rooms begin to look like rooms and not a mass of vertical lumber you can see through. Lots has been happening—much of it not making for scintillating video, until now. The two geothermal well holes were drilled (300-ft. deep), siding application is well under way, insulation (except blown-in above ceilings) is in and inspected. All rough-in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC has been approved, and drywall hanging begins today.

A fair bit of this 4-minute video touches on the geothermal installation. More about the wonders of geothermal heating and air conditioning and how it works (video) in this earlier post.