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Journal Entries

Building our new home: from finding the location, creating the design, choosing the builder, to the building process. This journal chronicles our process, from end to end.

Parade of Homes Throngs

The big push to get moved in by Sept. 15 (actually made it on Sept. 14) ensured that we’d have enough time to whip the whole place into presentable condition for the first weekend of the Asheville Parade of Homes (PoH) event that spanned the past two days (Sat./Sun., Oct. 8/9).

We opened the house, on behalf our our wonderful builder, HomeSource Builders, from 1-5 pm on Saturday and again Sunday. Over the weekend, about 600-700 people stopped by to tour, examine, compliment, and quiz us on everything from our choice of tile to how the geothermal HVAC system works.

Of the 40-or-so PoH 2016 entries, only a handful were owner occupied (as our was, of course). That makes for a little more interesting security puzzle. We had a couple of folks from HomeSource, including owner Tim Alexander and Henry (project manager), along with dear friends Melissa and Royce, who drove the 7 hours up from Valdosta, GA, to help out. In addition, our master landscape designer/installer April Carder was on hand, as were a few others. Happily, everyone was respectful of our furnishings, and nothing was broken or disapeared.

We were pleased to have opened our new home to so many appreciative visitors. We’ll do it all over again next weekend, (Oct. 15/16, 1-5 pm both days).

Here's a handful of morning, evening, and interior photos. More to come shortly, including an 8-minute rapid-fire video compilation of the entire 10-month building process.

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