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Journal Entries

Building our new home: from finding the location, creating the design, choosing the builder, to the building process. This journal chronicles our process, from end to end.

We're in!

Henry (HomeSource project manager) and Cindy (HomeSource client coordinator) pulled strings and gave us possession of the house late Tuesday, Sept. 13—in time for Merri’s birthday on the 14th.

Movers (Gasperson Moving & Storage of Asheville) had picked up all our stuff at the apartment earlier that day. They delivered our bed, a small table and a couple of chairs, so our first night at the new house was Tuesday night.

Wednesday, Gasperson delivered all that, plus everything they had been holding for us in their storage. The move went without a hitch. The Gasperson crew has always been professional, thorough, and accommodating.

Boxes and furniture are here and there, but we love being in! Quiet and peaceful, pitch dark at night, a garage to park in, room for the dogs to run.

Having broken ground last Nov. 15, the project took just about exactly 10 months.

Thursday, about 200 feet of dog fence will be installed, and more than 100 cu.yds. of mulch will be blown in to cover the dog area and the path we built to get around the side of the house between the levels.

Merri’s dear and wonderful friend, Melissa, and I schemed up a special birthday present (as if a new house wasn’t enough!) for Merri. Melissa drove up to Asheville from her home in Valdosta, GA (a 7-hour jaunt) to surprise Merri and stay through the weekend to help unpack and organize. The two of them have done these sorts of things for one another for decades.

The following pics show a snippet of the day’s move-in activities.

Perry AlexanderComment